Jun 24: RT @uniformrec: yo tweeters - I very reluctantly set up a gofundme to help with some of the remaining studio buildout costs that are kinda…
Aug 30: somehow, some way, a video of ben's old band made it to the internet, possibly filmed by josh but i don't know how… https://t.co/AL1Y4zEA1d
Jul 20: @justindemus it's more that we're not telling, so trust your instincts
Jun 25: westworld is an entertaining show with the lamest finales. #meh
Jun 7: anyone know anything about Seoul? if so, if you had one night in Seoul, what would you do and where would you stay… https://t.co/HgUpC1mGde
Apr 27: sometimes i feel like the only person who likes em dashes and i just don't understand it. why doesn't everyone?
Mar 24: RT @Rainmaker1973: This is one of the Tumbler-Snapper nuclear fireballs 1 millisecond after its initial explosion, Nevada, 1952 https://t.c…
Mar 21: and they didn't even do anything. that tweet should have read, aren't grouper and arthur russell great? sigh...
Mar 21: i am writing alot these days (words, sadly not music) and i listen to ambient and classical stuff as melodies engag… https://t.co/FJ2ykEemln
Feb 19: @333uuu dunno
Feb 5: philly!
Feb 2: "the Cha-Cha is no more absurd than life itself"
Jan 30: whoa, my old band made it to spotify and apparently we were on a comp with ariel pink back in the day https://t.co/TuSdoamC6K
Jan 25: once rode an elevator with mark e smith at a festival and was scared the entire time.
Jan 23: RIP Ursula Le Guin, giant among giants #rip
Jan 12: in 20 years I hope that people love the film Detention (2011) like they do Return of the Living Dead.
Dec 23: RT @theericschuman: Here's a Philly holiday favorite on the #IndieRockHitParade! @sunnydayglasgow sez: "SHUT YOUR MOUTH, IT'S CHRISTMAS!" h…
Dec 4: rain + listening to jj in what feels like 5 years maybe = devastating
Dec 1: well dressed, ~50s man just got on bus; no shoes; holding a box of crackers; sat down and started eating crackers w… https://t.co/jTvnXgQyiw
Nov 27: catch @jengo_ma and teeny (@teentheband) on tour this week! https://t.co/7BVvTkpFP7