Jan 19: RT @JayTisdale5: @BIGKRIT @9thwonder 7 years ago. Credit video: @MultiAlumni @BIGKRIT Ft: @rapsody @iamheatherv Song at the end... "Getti…
Jan 19: RT @MikeTroy81: @9thwonder blacked out on the Season/Carry Me. Get some @AndersonPaak in your life. That dude is cold https://t.co/8BUPz
Jan 18: RT @firstnameian: I can’t wait to get back to Bright Lady
Jan 18: RT @firstnameian: Determined Evolving Ascending Destined. What if we told you that Kells is D.E.A.D?... Directed by: @kybalionvfx Narrated…
Jan 17: I love you my brother. Salute https://t.co/jOzCTBhErf
Jan 16: RT @ElliottWilson: https://t.co/QTuwOL7Ykr
Jan 16: RT @TheRealMM10: @9thwonder Happy King day OG!! I appreciate all the knowledge you’ve given me! 🤞🏽
Jan 16: RT @etbowser: @GodisRivera @XXL @9thwonder MY GOD HONEY. What a track! And I love me some Girl. Sounds like a theme song to a UPN sitcom
Jan 16: RT @analoglady: A @9thwonder birthday weekend!
Jan 15: RT @defpen: Happy Birthday 9th Wonder! What’s your favorite 9th beat? https://t.co/qgw9Ik8idz
Jan 15: RT @CLTure: Happy birthday to North Carolina’s own, @9thwonder! A look back at our conversation with 9th about how his latest musical endea…
Jan 15: RT @XXL: Happy birthday, @9thwonder! 🎉 What’s his best beat? https://t.co/S2lGMt5X0A
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Jan 14: 46 🎂 https://t.co/5pQ5cE636F
Jan 14: RT @ceegee520: Birthday Salute to one of my favorite producers, college professor, founder of Jamla Records and former member of Little Bro…
Jan 14: This trio was DANGEROUS https://t.co/RSLLKo3diG
Jan 14: RT @Keez360: Happy birthday to @9thwonder he has made dealing with the pandemic easier. I wish him all the best in this coming year. #fasss…
Jan 14: RT @TrueSchoolVince: Tonight we celebrate The General! @9thwonder — Tune in for a special Birthday edition of the takeover!! Starting at 6:…